Denim - The First Wash

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Whether you have just purchased your first pair of raw denim or have been enjoying breaking in denim for years, we’ve picked up a few tips for caring for your denim that you’ll likely find useful.

We suggest wearing your raw denim at least 6 months before their first wash. In fact – the longer, the better (up to about a year). Washing will help soften the denim to help avoid tears and rips in the groin area, which will happen with even the best denim.

When you’re ready for your first wash, we suggest utilizing your bathtub.

First, will the bathtub with about 4 inches of cool water with a small amount of gentle soap or Woolite Dark.

Submerge your denim in the water and place some heavy objects ontop of them to ensure they stay submerged. Let them sit submerged for 45 minutes to an hour.

Next, rinse them off using cool water to remove the soap and hangdry (preferably outdoors in the sun. And there you have it. 

The denim pictured above was very well worn for 14 months by one of our customers and now resides in our archive.

If you have a particularly well-worn pair of United Stock Dry Goods denim, we would love to hear from you. So please get in touch if that is you. 

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