FUTURE LISTENING: Queens of the Stone Age

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As long time fans of Queens of the Stone Age, we’ve been waiting for a follow up to the band’s brilliant 2013 …Like Clockwork record for what feels like forever. And finally, we’re being rewarded for our patience: in July, QOTSA announced their upcoming album, Villains, via a hilarious video that confirms -—via lie detector test — both the title and producer of said album.

We have to admit we raised our eyebrows a bit at the choice of producer Mark Ronson, who’s best known for his pop work with the likes of Adele, Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars. But from what we can tell, the result is kind of magical. Villains is significantly more upbeat and danceable than …Like Clockwork, but Homme and company play fast and loud with disco-ish beats and cool synths, retaining some of that classic QOTSA fuzz.

You can find a few live versions of Villains tracks online, but our favourite by far is this manic teaser video for the album, which drops August 25. We’re into it.


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