Introducing: The Fishtail Parka

Introducing: The Fishtail Parka
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In 1950, a new parka was introduced to the United States Army. It boasted an exaggerated back—shaped like a fishtail—in order to keep the solders’ legs warm from the extreme wind. This update was so effective that it was utilized year after year, long after the Korean war. 

Oddly, this garment found itself co-opted by a rising youth subculture known as Mods. The Mods were known for their sharp dressing, slim-cut suits, love of obscure soul music and scooters. 

The fishtail parka was perfect for protecting their suits against dirt as they rode their scooters to the next all-night dance party. It was so widely adopted by the Mods that it rapidly became a key part of their subculture. As clashes with the leather jacket-clad rockers became more frequent and more violent, images of Mods wearing fishtail parkas soon became a common sight in the news and in papers.

Our take on the fishtail parka is updated with a modern, slim cut as well as a tough waxed cotton for even more protection against the elements.

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