Pot Stocks. Yay or Nay

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by Tara Franco


Who are we to tell you how to definitively invest. The stock market is not without risk, and we would hate to steer you in a direction that would put you in a tough spot. But one thing we love about investing right now is that it feels as though there are more and more options that match up with how we live. Outside of the stock market you can invest in wine, whiskey, sneakers and art provided you have the space and penchant (more on that in the coming weeks). And in the world of DOW and NASDAQ, there are also some quite excellent options that feel more right than mining — like pot. 

We scoured the pages of investment blogs, traditional newsstand rags and even a business Pinterest board to bring you some links that might be able to give you some guidance on going green. The bottom line? Nothing is a for sure thing, but play smart and marijuana could make you some money. 


Started in 1993, they believe investing is "empowering, enriching and fun." In addition to their smarts on the pot front, there's a wealth of info there to help guide your financial future. 


Canada's paper of record has a lot of things to say about a lot of things including whether or not marijuana is a good investment. 


For a little south-of-the-border perspective, Investing News tells us why Canadian pot stocks are the bunch of the bud. 

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