SEE IT Guilermo del Toro : At Home with Monsters

SEE IT Guilermo del Toro : At Home with Monsters
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by Lisa Mesbur

Fans of the creature feature, vampires and all things supernatural (raising our hands over here) are going to want to check out Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters, that opened September 30 at the Art Gallery of Ontario. While you likely already know his work (del Toro is best known for horror and fantasy films like The Devil’s Backbone, the Hellboy series, Pan’s Labyrinth and Pacific Rim), you might not know that del Toro has also been a passionate collector of strange and macabre memorabilia since childhood (think stuffed werewolves, action figures, and a truly enormous Frankenstein head). Now, del Toro’s vast collection of books, oddities, art and ephemera is travelling to us from Bleak House, his Los Angeles creative retreat, giving visitors a rare and close-up glimpse into the renowned Mexican-American filmmaker’s creative process and lifelong obsessions.

September 30 to January 7 at the Art Gallery of Ontario

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