SLUB 101

Posted by United Stock Dry Goods on

Maybe you've heard of it? Seen it on a garment's tag in-store, or online in the description of a shirt or trouser, but what does slub mean? Like is it even a word? 

For such a small word, it does a lot of heavy lifting. Firstly, it is both a noun and an adjective. 

NOUN: a yarn that has been spun on purpose, to be irregular and create thicker sections along the yarn itself. Once highlighted as defects, it is now a desired treatment.

ADJECTIVE: slub can apply to any type of yarn and thusly used as an adjective. For example, you can have slub silk, slub cotton, and so on.

 Given it's irregular diameter, when fabrics made with a slub yarn are then dyed, the inherent texture adds dimension to the colour. From linens to silks, cotton and even denim for summer, it's all about the slub. 


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