WELL HEELED: A Guide to Fall Boot Styles

Chukka boots, USDG, menswear
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by Lisa Mesbur

With the arrival of fall comes the need for some seasonal footwear. Our new Chukka boot is just what the season ordered. But what is a Chukka boot exactly?

First, let’s get one thing straight: an authentic Chukka is a low, lace-up boot with a thin sole, a rounded toe box and no more than two or three eyelet holes (There’s no such thing as a chukka sneaker. Just saying). Originally worn by off-duty polo players, the Chukka likely originated in India among British army men who took up the sport and brought the footwear back to the west. The Duke of Windsor first starting rocking Chukkas in the early 1920s, cementing their popularity. Heels up!


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