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COVID Cotton Mask Timelines

When will my mask(s) be shipped?

We are very thankful for the overwhelming demand we've received for our cotton face masks. We are working as hard as we can to produce, process and ship masks with our small team of four people. All masks are handmade by United Stock Dry Goods staff members in our Toronto studio.

Our current estimated ship dates are below and will be updated accordingly based on production. United Stock Dry Goods reserves the right to alter these dates as required.

Ordered April 14 - April 21: Shipped

Ordered April 22 - April 25: Ship Date May 4th - May 7th

Ordered April 26 - May 4th: Ship Date May 6th - May 15th

Ordered Mat 5th - May 10th: Ship Date May 15th - May 20th

We understand the landscape of COVID-19 is rapidly changing and our timelines may not meet your needs. If you have purchased a mask(s) and you would like to cancel your order please email us at Please include your full name and order number and we will process a refund for you.