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Q: Where are United Stock Dry Goods products made?
A: All our products are produced proudly in Canada, with the exception of knitwear and some footwear.
Q: What’s the best way to care for my jeans?
A: Overall, wash them very infrequently with light detergent in cold water and hang to dry. If that is too much of a pain for you, dry clean.
Q: My denim is really tight. Should raw denim fit this tight?
A: Raw denim is going to be snug at first but they will stretch out up to 1 inch anywhere there is compression. When you put the denim on and pull them all the way up on your waist, you should be able to do up the top button. After time, with wear, they will mold to your body and become soft as the starch breaks down.
Q: What is the difference between your denim fits? 
Slight: This denim is the smallest through the thigh. We recommend this cut for anyone who has slim legs and wants a contemporary silhouette.
Narrow: This denim has more room through the leg overall than the Slight. We recommend this fit to anyone who wants a more relaxed look or has slightly larger thighs or calves.
Hard Taper: This denim has the largest thigh and slimmest bottom leg opening. Although the denim has a "carrot shape", on a body they appear as a contemporary slim silhouette. We recommend this fit to anyone who has larger/athletic thighs or wants a very tapered leg opening. 
Q: How do you compare to the Levi's 501 sizing? 
A: We cannot accurately measure our fits against other brands but we would love to help you find your perfect size. Get in touch with us through social, or check out our sizing chart here.

Q: How do I launder my United Stock Dry Goods shirts?
A: We recommend dry cleaning your garments. Alternatively, you can wash with a mild detergent in cold water and hang or lay flat to dry. The majority of our shirts are made from 100% cotton. Using any heat (warm or hot water or the dryer) is not advised as this can shrink the garment(s).
Q: I would like to inquire about a wholesaling opportunity.
A: We no longer wholesale. We’ve found that selling directly to our customers provides them with the best value.